Become Proficient in WebXR: Create XR Experiences Using A-Frame

Become Proficient in WebXR: Create XR Experiences Using A-Frame


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Certificate of Completion

AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Become Proficient in WebXR: Create XR Experiences Using A-Frame
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of the basics of the 3D environments

Working knowledge of the WebXR framework, its API, and usage

Hands-on experience developing the XR app using A-Frame

Hands-on experience implementing an immersive and interactive guided tour WebXR app

Hands-on experience with WebXR development in the Unity game engine

Ability to create your own scalable AR and VR Web experiences

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to the WebXR development stack. It offers proficiency in web-based XR tools and technologies, which are globally in demand and catalyzing the third iteration of the internet: Web 3.0. This course will give you hands-on experience designing and developing virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality web experiences. You’ll become familiar with the XR development in A-Frame while learning about textures, materials, shaders, animations, physics, and interactions in WebXR. Toward...Show More


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Show License and Attributions

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