Our Team

Fahim Ul Haq
Co-Founder / CEO
Naeem Ul Haq
Co-Founder / CTO
Junaid Haroon Siddiqui
Vice President of Engineering
Cody Lamens
Vice President of Sales
Khayyam Hashmi
Vice President of Technical Content
Sumit Mehrotra
Vice President of Product

Some of our Advisors & Investors

Jake Jolis
Partner at Matrix Partners
Yuval Neeman
Partner at Trilogy Equity Partners
Kevin Patrick Mahaffey
Founder at Lookout
Ilya Volodarsky
Co-Founder at Segment
Immad Akhund
CEO, Founder at Mercury
John Case
Chief Executive Officer, Unify Square
Bradford Lovering
Distinguished Engineer at RelationalAI
T. A. McCann
Managing Director at Pioneer Square Labs
Diego Oppenheimer
CEO/Founder at Algorithmia
Jean Paoli
Founder, CEO at Docugami Inc
Taimur Rashid
Chief Business Development Officer at Redis Labs
Ahmar Mohammad
Vice President at VMware
Talib Sharif
Director at The Trade Desk
Devin Balkcom
Professor at Dartmouth College
Max Stoiber
Co-Founder at Spectrum.chat


We amplify intrinsic talent
We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to help build great companies
SK Ventures is a seed stage firm that invests in entrepreneurs that are science-driven, deep experts in their startup’s domain
Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed

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