A Complete Guide for Virtual Private Cloud Using AWS

A Complete Guide for Virtual Private Cloud Using AWS


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
A Complete Guide for Virtual Private Cloud Using AWS
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of AWS infrastructure including public and private hosted services

Practical knowledge of the classful and classless network addressing fundamentals

Hands-on experience working with Amazon VPC and its core components

A working knowledge of subnets, internet gateway, route tables, firewalls, NAT gateway and VPC flow logs

Familiarity with advanced VPC concepts such as VPC peering, Transit Gateway and VPC endpoint

Course Overview

In today’s world, it is crucial to understand how to configure and design an efficient network architecture for your infrastructure. In this course, you’ll learn about Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which allows you to create a logically isolated virtual network in the cloud for resource placement. You’ll learn the fundamentals of network addressing, including classful and classless addressing. You’ll understand the core concepts of Amazon VPC and its related components while doing hands-on using Amaz...Show More


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